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Differences between Beachfront, Canal, and Island Homes (from a property buyers’ point of view)

With an abundance of natural water features and beautiful coastline, property buyers with a desire to live or invest in properties on the water in Southeast Queensland are spoiled for choice. There’s a diverse array of waterfront properties available, and it’s always wise to weigh up your options before deciding which type of waterfront home to buy. If you’re eager to leave the rush and bustle of noisy living behind, and enjoy life by the water, here are some of the most popular options you may wish to explore.

Beachside properties –

Most of us love a day at the beach. For many, beachside living is a feature only of well-earned holidays and breaks that occur a couple of times a year, but this could change if you invest in a waterfront property with easy access to our golden sands. Living by the beach has incredible benefits, not just for your lifestyle, health and wellbeing, but also for your finances. Beachfront properties are highly sought-after, and there’s always demand for villas, beach houses and apartments with a sea or ocean view.

Lifestyle benefits.

Picture the scene. You wake up to the sound of rolling waves and open the curtains to see the sun rising above glistening sands and birds soaring high in the clear blue skies. You’re not on holiday, you’re at home, and this scenario represents the start of every day of your new life.

Living on the beach lends itself to a more active lifestyle, and many people also find that being close to the water makes them feel calmer and more relaxed. With a beachside property, you can engage in and enjoy an array of activities, from walks at sunrise and sunset to water sports, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing and sailing. Such exercises offer a plethora of physical and mental health benefits, and it’s also a great way to be sociable, meet new people and get involved in community events and activities.

When home is a stone’s throw away from the shoreline, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, as you combine action and adventure with rest and relaxation. Get out on the water, set your pulse racing, and enjoy the adrenaline rush as you surf, water ski or swim, and then unwind on your sun deck and catch some rays. As the sun sets over the water, you can crack open a cool beer or invite friends over for a barbeque to enjoy the view.

Seclusion and privacy.

When you buy a beachside property, you often enjoy greater privacy, as your garden will back onto dunes or waves, rather than more neighbors. Buying close to the water also reduces your risk of encountering unwanted furry visitors and stray animals.


If you’re a wildlife enthusiast though, moving to the beach could open you up to a host of unique animal encounters. You can spot seabirds gliding through the air and swooping for prey, watch crabs scuttling over the sand-covered rocks on the shore and you may even catch a glimpse of dolphins plunging in and out of the water out at sea.

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Canal homes –

Canal homes are a popular choice for investors who are keen to be close to the water, and they offer an alternative to beachside properties and island retreats for those who are based further inland. Living by a canal offers a host of lifestyle advantages, and it also represents a sound financial investment, as demand for waterfront properties outweighs supply. If you’re thinking of buying a home on a canal, here are some of the reasons why this represents a good investment.

Activities and active living.

If you live by a canal, there’s scope to enjoy a wide range of activities on your doorstep. Waterways are ideal for hobbies such as paddle boarding (SUP) and boating, and you can set up your fishing rod from your own jetty. If you have a boat, you can explore the local area at your leisure, enjoy the fresh air and take in the beautiful views.

If you love spending time by or on the water, buying a canal home is an excellent option, as it will give you the opportunity to indulge your interests on a continual basis. When you have instant access to the water, you don’t need to pre-plan days out or worry about getting equipment together and travelling to an outdoor facility or destination. You can spend as much of your spare time as possible doing what you love, and this will benefit your physical health and your psychological wellbeing.

Ocean access.

Unless you buy a property with restricted access to open waterways, you may find that your canal home offers the opportunity to reach ocean waters and golden beaches. As many canals around Southeast Queensland boast deep water access, this makes them easily accessible to sailboats, as well as larger motor boats, so you can enjoy a variety of activities and arrange all kinds of excursions with friends and family.


Often, finding a dream home isn’t just about falling head over heels with a kitchen or a master bedroom suite. Many of us decide to move to facilitate change and improve our quality of life. Canal homes can provide the perfect setting to recharge the batteries, relax, and get rid of stress.

Island living –

Have you ever thought about escaping it all and embracing island life? Living on an island represents an alluring alternative to buying by the beach or living on a canal for some buyers due to the seclusion of the location. Buying a waterfront property on an island offers a wealth of benefits including:


When you buy on an island, you can guarantee better privacy, with fewer neighbors in your backyard and very small populations. Island living affords the best of both worlds, as you can access tight-knit communities at the same time as enjoying time alone with no risk of being overlooked or having to deal with noise on your doorstep.


When you think of island living, one thing that comes to mind straight away is peace and quiet. If you buy on an idyllic island oasis, you don’t have to put up with traffic noise or roadworks outside your front door. Beeps and horns are replaced by birdsong, ocean sounds and the rippling movement of the waves.


Island homes tend to occupy expansive plots, and they are often large and spacious. Properties are often more expensive than other waterfront homes due to the size and style of houses. Homes often boast several interior rooms with incredible outdoor space and unbeatable views, and many feature bespoke architectural design.

Choosing the perfect waterfront property –

If you’re keen to buy a home on the water, there are some truly magnificent options out there, including beachside properties, canal homes and island idylls. When creating a shortlist, think about the kind of lifestyle you’d like to enjoy, your hobbies and interests and the opportunities different homes offer to make the most of the environment around you, as well as the potential for financial growth.

It’s worth exploring different kinds of waterfront property if you haven’t got your heart set on a specific kind of home or a location set in stone. Weigh up the benefits, and see what kind of home appeals to you most. Whatever type of house or apartment you plump for, there’s a lot to be said for living by the water.

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